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Post-Mastectomy Care

Our post-mastectomy customers are treated with the utmost respect, confidentiality and discretion.  We understand some of our customers are sensitive to their heathcare needs and we respect our customers accordingly.

We offer a wide variety of breast forms, bras, and lymphedema sleeves and pumps.  These products are the best on the market and we proudly refer you to our main suppliers of the products we offer.  (Click on logo below)

Amoena Logo

The Amoena site is a great place to find information on mastectomy surgery, treatment and related issues.  They also have great products, which we offer.

Lymphedema Sleeves & Pumps

We offer Lymphedema products (as seen below).  You may wish to check out the Juzo or Jobst sites below for more specifics on available products.

Lymphedema Sleeve

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Bunny Clark

Bunny Clark

Bunny is a co-owner of Clark's Orthopedic and has been here for over 35 years.  Bunny specializes in assisting  customers with their prosthetic needs following mastectomy.  She is a certified fitter for Amoena products.  Bunny is a caring professional who will can assist you with all your post-mastectomy needs.


Melinda Schulze

Melinda Schulze

Melinda has been with Clark's Orthopedic for 17 years.  She has also been certified as a fitter for Amoena products.  Melinda is a perfectionist and will do everything to ensure you are satisfied with your care and your products.