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Dick Clark, CPO is the President of Clark's Orthopedic.  He is a certified Prothetist/Orthotist and has been at Clark's Orthopedic for over 36 years.  Dick's specialty is fabrication of prosthetic legs. Dick Clark
Bunny Clark is a co-owner of Clark's Orthopedic and works in a variety of areas within the business including mastectomy and compression wear products, incontinence supplies as well as general business administration. Bunny Clark
Don Stemmene, CO is a Certified Orthotist.  He has over 18 years experience in the fitting and fabrication of orthotic devices.  Don recently joined Clark's after spending time in Washington, Idaho and California working within the same industry. Don Stemmene
Rich McDowell, CRTS specializes in custom seating systems for our customers.  If you're looking for excellent  customer service and thorough product knowledge, Rich is an excellent choice. Rich McDowell
Scott Clark is the son of owners, Dick and Bunny Clark.  He is the third generation in this family business.  Scott's has worked in our elevator division, orthotics and currently with our Rehab department. Scott Clark
Mike Clark is also a son of owners, Dick and Bunny Clark.  Mike has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and relocated to Montana to join the family business and work in the Rehab department. Mike Clark
Kris Knaphus has been with Clark's Orthopedic for 18 years.  He takes whatever time is needed to explain to each customer what options are available in order to facilitate the purchase of the best suited equipment. Kris Knaphus
Ryan Thompson has recently joined our team at Clark's Orthopedic.  Ryan brings his infectious positive attitude and good nature to everything he does.  With his background in sales and management, Ryan will help you find the best equipment for your needs.
Mike Biggle works in the Services Department.  Mike has a solid background in automotive diagnostics and repair; he's an ASE certified Master Mechanic.  You will enjoy Mike's friendly, positive approach to any service issue.  Mike Biggle
Berk Hamrell works in our Service Department.  He has a diverse background in sales and DME service and delivery.  Berk's can-do attitude and friendly personality make him a pleasure to work with.
Dale Mooney is our Medical Equipment Technician in the Helena office.  He has worked for similar medical equipment companies in Maryland and Oklahoma prior to joining the team at Clark's. Dale Mooney
Lee Johnson works for Barrier Free Access, the elevator and lift division of Clark's Orthopedic.  Lee previously worked in the Rehab area of the business and has been with the company for over 6 years. Lee Johnson
Paul Cosby is our Orthotic Technician.  He recently moved back to Great Falls after being gone for several years.  Paul brings with him a background in fabrication which is very helpful in fabrication of orthotic devices at Clark's. Paul Cosby
Nyla Sheldon is the Client Care Coordinator in Great Falls.  She functions as support for our Rehab Specialists in Great Falls, Rich McDowell, Scott Clark and Mike Clark.  She coordinates and organizes the paperwork and documentation between the customer, physician, therapist, equipment vendor, and our Rehab Specialists. Nyla Sheldon
Melinda Schulze operates in a variety of functions at Clark's Orthopedic including post mastectomy care, compression therapy, durable medical equipment and reception.  She is another long-term employee with over 16 years at Clark's. Melinda Schulze
Edna Lloyd is a Financial Counselor.  Edna is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your bill, insurance coverage and the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Edna Lloyd
Jillian Antonson is also a Financial Counselor.  She is available to assist you with any questions you may have on your account - from prior authorization of services through the final resolution of your account balance.


Jillian Antonson
Robin Beyl recently joined Clark's as our Receptionist.  We're proud to have Robin as our first point of contact with our customers, whether in person or over the phone. 
Shelly Weber is our Marketing Consultant.  Shelly has a college degree in business/marketing and has experience in many area including healthcare.  Shelly is the oldest daughter of the owners and has been around Clark's Orthopedic since birth.  She knows the business well. Shelly Weber